Respect as topic of the Active Beauty-Magazine

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An article on respect and humanity was published in the October issue of the Active Beauty magazine of the Austrian drugstore chain dm. Our two respect experts, Christina Mölders and Catharina Vogt, also have their say. Click here to view the article.

deckerRespect as topic of the Active Beauty-Magazine

RRG Team Canvas is online

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Over several workshops from January to April we developed our Team Canvas, our internal “operating system” on how we want to work together. It is supposed to give an overview for existing and future members of the group, but we would also be happy if somebody used it as a basis for new work groups that still have to be …

glaeserRRG Team Canvas is online

RespectResearchGroup in Dublin

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From May 17 to 20, five of our members participated at the biannual conference of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology in Dublin. At the conference, they presented research on “Respectful Leadership” (Catharina Vogt) “Social Comparisons“ (Susan Reh), “Effects of Bonuses“ (Daniel Gläser), “Resources for Leadership“ (Jennifer Ulrich) and „Resource Exchange“ (Dr. Anne Burmeister).

deckerRespectResearchGroup in Dublin

Welcome aboard, Sören!

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A warm welcome to Sören Faika! Just having started his PhD-time, Sören is investigating politeness and decision making in Iran’s society.

deckerWelcome aboard, Sören!

This week we feel glamorous!

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Talking about respect in relationships, our member Catharina Vogt gave an interview for the German edition of the girls’ magazine Glamour.

deckerThis week we feel glamorous!

Time to read!

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In the magazine 19NEUNZEHN, Catharina gives an interview on her edited book “Strengthening Democratic Processes”. She reflects about the need of constructive conflict resolution for police and citizens – especially when police is involved in conflicts with minorities.

deckerTime to read!

Jennifer Ulrich takes over responsibility for the RRG!

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We are happy to announce that Jennifer Ulrich will support us in directing the RespectResearchGroup. Jenni is an important part of the RRG since her internship in 2010. We are very happy and wish her (and the group) lots of success! See here.

glaeserJennifer Ulrich takes over responsibility for the RRG!

Welcome Cedric!

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A warm welcome to Cedric Essi. In his PhD Cedric investigates the ways in which autobiographical narratives seek cultural recognition for interracial families in the US. Find out more about Cedric here …

deckerWelcome Cedric!

Ding Han wins National Scholarship Award!

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Our 2016 guest PhD student Ding Han from the Beijing Foreign Studies University has won the “National Scholarship for Doctoral Graduate Students”, which is one of the highest awards of the Chinese education system. Every year 10.000 graduates get awarded with this price that – besides the honour and distinction – contains grants of about 4.000 Euro. We are very happy for Ding, and …

glaeserDing Han wins National Scholarship Award!