We believe that the increasing individualization of our societies and the accompanying diversity bears a great potential for our society – the potential to be equipped to face the challenges of modern times. After all, systems are only adaptable to an ever changing and complex environment, if they are able to represent their environment’s complexity internally and have learned to handle it. The question thus is: when and why will individuals work with diverse others and willingly subordinate to a bigger cause without being coerced or tricked into doing so – ultimately, so that the involved parties work more efficiently with each other but are also more satisfied in doing so.

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Definition: We developed a framework to differentiate respect from other interactional qualities, such as tolerance and acceptance.

Measurement & Scales: How can one measure respect? In an effort to operationalize different kinds of respect (in an organizational setting), we developed scales to be used in quantitative empirical paper&pencil research.

Literature: Publications from inside and outside the RespectResearchGroup on respect. The variety of diverse scientific contributions and perspectives emphasize the complexity of the topic.

Press clippings: Following you can find an overview of some press reports on us and our work.

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Quotations: A small collection of quotations about Respect in various situations.

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