Disrespect in political debates backlashes – mostly

Christina Neuigkeiten

In the “Journal of Political Psychology”, Christina Mölders, Niels Van Quaquebeke and Maria Paola Paladino describe how disrespectful attacks in political debates backlash towards the attacker. However, there is an exception to the rule: If the observers do not care so much about morality, they might even judge being disrespectful as a strength. more

ChristinaDisrespect in political debates backlashes – mostly

Sustainable consumption

decker Neuigkeiten

Jill Küberling and Marina Beermann explain in the journal uwf UmweltWirtschaftsForum how companies manage to take responsibility for the usage and application of their products.

deckerSustainable consumption

Cognition of the month: respect

decker Allgemein @en

In the categroy Cognition of the Month in the October issue of the German wellness magazine Vital Catharina Decker delivers an insight into her research results on respectful interactions at workplaces.

deckerCognition of the month: respect

Scholarship for PhD-Thesis

decker Neuigkeiten

Congrats: Jennifer Ulrich successfully applied for a scholarship of the German foundation Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. The 2-years scholarship starts in Oktober 2015 and supports Jenni in preparing her PhD-thesis.

deckerScholarship for PhD-Thesis

Research talk: CSR and the ‘war for talent’

Natalija Neuigkeiten

At the 9th Meeting of Fachgruppe Arbeits-, Organisations-, & Wirtschaftspsychologie [Work & Organisational Psychology] in Mainz (GER), Natalija Keck presented a paper showing that advertisement of corporate social performance in job recruitment does not necessarily lead to higher organizational attractiveness.

NatalijaResearch talk: CSR and the ‘war for talent’

Women and leadership: Change in sight

Christina Neuigkeiten

In the magazine Die Wirtschaftsmediation Christina Mölders and Tilman Eckloff describe the barriers women experience on their way to leadership positions-and why change is in sight [German only]. pdf

ChristinaWomen and leadership: Change in sight

Presentation: Disrespect and System Trust

Christina Neuigkeiten

At the 15th meeting of the “Fachgruppe Sozialpsychologie” in Potsdam, Germany, Christina Mölders presented her research on how disrespect in political debates can damage trust in the political system: If a political actor is observed to behave disrespectfully, the whole group of politicians seems less trustworthy-at least if the actor is perceived as typical for his/her group. Through this, systen …

ChristinaPresentation: Disrespect and System Trust

Congrats, Professor Eckloff!

Christina Neuigkeiten

Tilman Eckloff is now professor for economic psychology at the Business School Berlin. We are very happy for him-and his students!

ChristinaCongrats, Professor Eckloff!

Research talk: What’s ethical leadership?

Natalija Neuigkeiten

At the 15th Meeting of Fachgruppe Sozialpsychologie [Social Psychology] in Potsdam (GER), Natalija Keck presented a research talk on ethical leadership, defined as normatively appropriate behaviour (Brown et al., 2015), and how it can be systematically evaluated in terms of Relational Models Theory (Fiske, 1991).

NatalijaResearch talk: What’s ethical leadership?