Can bonus payments make employees more aggressive?

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Presented already in December, now also here on the homepage:

Besides motivating, bonus payments in organizations might also lead to the perception of a competitive work climate, that is a climate of performance measurement and interpersonal comparison. As a consequence, such a climate might increase employees’ interpersonal deviance, that is active harming behavior towards co-workers, especially if employees are dispositionally high in trait competitiveness. We find support for these hypotheses in a cross-sectional field study and two experiments.

Glaeser, D., van Gils, S., Van Quaquebeke, N., (2015). Financial Bonuses and Interpersonal Deviance:  Competitiveness as the Match that Lights the Fire. Paper presented at the 5th European Reward Management Conference, Brussels, BEL, Dec. 11th-12th.

glaeserCan bonus payments make employees more aggressive?