Police and Respect

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On the annual conference of the American Society of Criminology in New Orleans new research findings from Catharina Vogt and Prof. Joachim Kersten were presented. The findings address the question for what German police officers are respected by German-Turks.

deckerPolice and Respect

Welcome Anne!

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We are very happy to welcome Anne Burmeister, a PhD student working on repatriate knowledge transfer. Find out more about Anne here …

deckerWelcome Anne!

Best-Poster Award for Susan

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Congratulations: PhD candidate Susan Reh has won the Best Poster Award at the Early Career Summer School of the European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) in Birmingham, UK. On her winning poster, Reh presented her research on comparison standards people seek to evaluate their performance in a business environment. Possible comparison standards are comparisons with other people (social …

deckerBest-Poster Award for Susan

Democratic policing

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What to do when police treated you unfair? Can you make them listen to you when you have a migration background? The new publication „Strenghtening Democratic Processes: Police Oversight through Restorative Justice“ of the Verlag für Polizeiwissenschaft edited by Catharina Vogt and Joachim Kersten focusses on practical approaches as well as legal restrictions showing how dialogue between police and (migrant) …

deckerDemocratic policing

Welcome Kanica!

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Kanica Rakhra, our first affiliated member from Jawarharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, explores, how nations try to earn respect from other nations by introducing nuclear programmes.

deckerWelcome Kanica!

Status quo 2016

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In time for our last week’s 13th birthday party, we have an update online showing what we have done in 2015. PDF

glaeserStatus quo 2016

Leading respectfully for practitioners

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In the 3rd chapter of the newly published book “Handbuch Mitarbeiterführung” Catharina Decker and Niels Van Quaquebeke describe how leaders can treat their employees with respect. Beside of respect at eye-level (“horizontal respect”), practical information regarding respect for competence and achievement (“vertical respect”) is provided.

deckerLeading respectfully for practitioners

Read about respect

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In the newly released book by Elke Reichhart titled “Was heißt hier Respekt?!” (transl. “What do you call respect?!”) our mentor Prof. Dr. Tilman Eckloff has a say in two chapters describing the meaning of respect.

deckerRead about respect

Welcome Ding Han!

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We are happy to welcome Ding Han, a PhD student from China! Ding Han is doing research on interpersonal respect in the cross-cultural work environment. Ding is working at the BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University), department for German languages and literature studies. Ding Han will be working with us until the end of September. We are very happy about that! Find …

glaeserWelcome Ding Han!

Diverse teams: Respect beats feelings of disconnection

Christina Neuigkeiten

Being different can threaten feelings of belongingness. Consequently, a new study by Nazan Ulusoy, Christina Mölders and colleagues shows that employees with Turkish immigration background in Germany need a higher level of psychological safety – i.e. respect, trust, and mutual support – in order to feel committed to an organization than German employees do. This commitment positively their work engagement, …

ChristinaDiverse teams: Respect beats feelings of disconnection