Colloquium 2007: Ethics between theory and practice

The colloquium took place from November 2nd to 4th at the University of Hamburg. It was supported by the German Academic National Foundation. You find the program below [sorry, German only].

Program Colloquium 2007

The term „ethics“ is at the same time tuneful and abstract. By now, however, no-one will doubt that ethics is an essential category in the formation of social interaction. Likewise, organizations have begun to acknowledge the use of ethical principles – socially and economically. More and more scientists use this culture change by transferring their scientific work into consulting concepts for companies and, thus, seemingly unite theory and practice. However, paradoxically, criticism is raised that this approach damages theory development. The increase in researchers focusing on generating application-oriented action programs, so the critics say, increasingly and turn a blind eye to precise scientific groundwork. How can the bridging of science and practice be fruitful for both sides? How can interdisciplinary cooperation put forth a stable concept of ethics? These were the questions guiding the 2007 colloquium – which was the first colloquium of the RespectResearchGroup.

ChristinaColloquium 2007: Ethics between theory and practice