Colloquium 2009: Interacting with others

The colloquium took place from 24th until 26th of July in 2009 in Hamburg and Gut Siggen. If interested you can gather information here. Below you find some pictures and impressions of the colloquium 2009.

Proceedings 2009 (German only)

The figure of „the other“ has grown to be a central category in a number of sciences. Within culture sciences, post-colonial and gender-oriented approaches have been imprinted by this figure of thought, and in psychology it is a central reference category as well. Frequently, this focus on the other implies an increasing interest in ethical research questions. In this sense, interacting with others also includes responsibility for others. This question of responsibility permeates economic as well as social science perspectives: Questions on acting successfully in the world, on identity and network, on homogenization and heterogenization are intertwined with the encounter of others.

„The more different, the more inseminating“ – this was the core idea of our interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. This included discussions on benefits and disadvantages of an economic practice that considers the other, i.e. other disciplines.

ChristinaColloquium 2009: Interacting with others