Colloquium 2010: Power

The colloquium took place in Hamburg in the beautiful and legendary Warburg-Haus from September, the 3rd until September, the 5th 2010. If you are interested you can gain more information on this page. Further down, you can find some pictures and impressions.

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Power – this was the topic of the colloquium of the RespectResearchGroup in 2010.

Although the term is heavy with meaning it is hard to catch. For example, we speak about power of agency, decisive or definatory power – just to name a few. Quickly, power is a central category everywhere where people and their relations are examined scientifically. But power plays also an remarkable role beyond human interactions, for example in human beings‘ treatment of nature or questions about god.
In this context questions like the following arise: Does power go along with powerlessness? In what whay can and shall power be controlled? As a result, does this control itself display power? Which role plays confidence thereby?

A public panel dicussion with representatives of politics, economy and the Third Sector in the „Plangeschen Villa“ of the Business Club Hamburg displayed the kick-off of the 3rd research colloquium. Moderated by Dorothee Vogt, Frank Düchting of the Protestant Academy of the „Nordelbischen Kirche“, Aydan Özoguz MdB, SPD Hamburg, and Andreas Streubig, division manager of the environmental and societal politic of the Otto Group opened up different perspectives of the topic „Who has the will for power? – Government, Economy and society in responsibility“. Thereby, in course of the discussion it rapidly became apparent that power can not be seperated from responsibility.

Subsequently, we worked on the topic power and took a look at it from preferably different scientific perspectives in the beautiful and legendary Warburg-Haus directly located at the Alster.

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  • Kolloq 2010 - Podiumsdiskussion
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