Colloquium 2011: Communication of Recognition

The colloquium took place from July, 21st-24th in Hamburg and Gut Siggen Seminar Center, Ostholstein. Follow the links for more information on the call for papers and colloquium and have a sneak peak at the photo gallery.

Call for Papers 2011 (German only)

Proceedings 2011 (German only)

Communication of Recognition was the topic of the RespectResearchGroup colloquium in 2011. Peaceful coexistence can only be reached if people take note and recognize the needs of their peers. In everyday life, finding the right words to recognize other people, e.g. your partner in life or admirable representatives, can be a challenge. Paying recognition to people one disagrees with becomes or at least appears particularly challenging.
Science approaches the subject in various streams of questions: How can we define recognition? What are facilitating factors and consequences of recognition? What is an effective communication of recognition? During our meeting, we sought to gain a more differentiated view of recognition and its communication and therefore understand its value for societal functioning.

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ChristinaColloquium 2011: Communication of Recognition