Colloquium 2012: Learning respect

The colloquium took place from the 12th until the 15th of July in 2012 in Hamburg and Gut Siggen. If interested you can gather information here. Below you find some pictures and impressions of the colloquium 2012.

Call for Papers 2012 (German only)

Proceedings 2012 (German only)

Learning Respect – the topic of the colloquium in 2012 of the RespectResearchGroup. Whether mobbing at work, discrimination of social minorities or everyday conflicts, conflictual situations often are repatriated due to a lack of respect in mutual interactions. On the other hand a respect-oriented cooperation, in which each other needs are recognized and esteemed, counts as enriching, motivating and an inspiring action. Due to the cross-boundary relevance the construct respect undergoes increasing attention within science and in practice. But in what way is it actually possible to learn respect?

The 5th interdisciplinary colloquium of the RespectResearchGroup was introduced by a panel discussion with the topic “Leading with respect – luxury or core idea?” at the Kühne Logistics University (Hamburg). Daniel Gläser (RespectResearchGroup) discussed with Patrick D. Cowden (author, Manager), Michael Schellberg (executive partner of the Freiherr Knigge oHG, trainer, author) and Gerd Thielmann (vice-president of the German Police University, Münster).

During the following research colloquium at Gut Siggen findings and research questions within the field of respect in society, politics, school and economy were presented due to presentations and lively discussed. The Gut Siggen rooms of the Alfred Töpfer Stiftung F.V.S. as well as the local staff ensured the perfect conditions for interconnected discussions and inspirations for research projects in between and after the presentations.

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ChristinaColloquium 2012: Learning respect