Colloquium 2013: Responsibility

The colloquium took place from October 31th – November 3rd in Hamburg and in Schloss Hasenwinkel in North-Western Mecklenburg. If interested you can gather information here. Below you find some pictures and impressions of the colloquium 2013.

Call for Papers (German only)

Proceedings (German only)

Responsibility – this was the topic of the 2013-colloquium of the RespectResearchGroup. Repsonsibility has many facets, it can be motivation but also burden. Newly appointed officials – from politicans to soccer coaches – announce that they are looking forward to accept responsibility and be in charge. Later they are potentially asked to take responsibility for defeats and resign. Too much responsibility implies pressure. Companies required to consider eco-friendliness, sustainability, and social fairness also experience the burden of responsibility. Responsibility may motivate and stress at the same time. Some people can handle responsibility better than others.

We discussed: How can we share, learn, or pass on responsibility? What do we take responsibility for and how do we deal with the dilemma of conflicting responsibilities?

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