Colloquium 2014: Respect and Justice

The colloquium took place from October 16th-19th in Hamburg. If interested you can gather information here. Below you find some pictures and impressions of the colloquium 2014.

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Respect and justice – this was the topic of the 2013-colloquium of the RespectResearchGroup. In daily life, we are often confronted with the claim for respect. Whether in sports, unions, or in youth work – the term „respect“ stands for the equal recognition of different groups when used in large campaigns. Humans from different nations and cultures, different beliefs and lifestyles should live and work together on an equal footing. The recognition of equality and equal rights is closely linked to the concept of justice. How are respect and justice related? Does justice automatically result from respectful interaction? Is respect a prerequisite for justice?

Creating a legal foundation or rules of etiquette alone is often not enough to achieve respectful social interaction or practised justice. The question remains how people and groups who feel not respected can „get respect“. And at the same time if and how it is possible to provide a respectful environment for those people and groups.

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