Colloquium 2015: Leadership


The colloquium will take place from October 1st-4th in Hamburg. If interested you can gather information here. Below you find our call for applications (German only).

Call for Applications 2015


Leadership – this is the topic of this year’s colloquium. Effective leadership is one of the most decisive topics with regard to the success of an organization, a group, or of an individual. Leadership positions are attrative: Leaders have greater power than their subordinates, they have more leeway in their decisions, and they receive a higher salary. But leadership also has its dark side: Leaders often bear more responsibility, they are expected to always be reachable, and they need to constantly juggle different interests. These challenges can become stressors and lead to psychological and physical disorders in the long run. Is leadership still so attractive?

Looking at the various contexts in which leadership takes place, we can see how different and complex the challenges are that leaders face in the respective situation. This is reflected in the diverse discussions in science and practice on what characterizes „good leadership“. Generally, the question rises when and where we actually need a leader.

ChristinaColloquium 2015: Leadership