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December 6th, 2012 Event (PhD Defense): Suzanne van Gils successfully defended her PhD thesis on ‚Morality in Interactions – On the Display of Moral Behavior by Leaders and Employees‘. Congratulations!

October 18th, 2012 Echo: Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke gives an interview „Sich zu benehmen ist erst mal nett“ on Deutschlandradio. …www >> …mp3 >>

September 24th, 2012 Echo: Ben Sahlmüller, together with the group „leading in complexity“ of the ThinkTank stiftung neue verantwortung, presents the PolicyBrief with recommendations for decision-makers and leaders in complex situations at their final presentation in Berlin. …pdf >> …youtube >>

September 20th, 2012 Echo: Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke sums up some of the research findings on respect and their implications for alsecco aface. …pdf >>

September 13th, 2012 Colloquium summary: The summary of our 2012 interdisciplinary colloquium is now available [in German]. Thanks to all people involved – it was a great time! …pdf >>

September 9th, 2012 Echo: Dr. Tilman Eckloff gives an interview „Rüpel sind immer die anderen“ in Sächsische Zeitung. …pdf >>

June, 2012 Echo:Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke gives an interview „Mehr Respekt, bitte“ in the journal Galleria. …pdf >>

March 8th, 2012 Article (JPMD):Dr. Sebastian Zenker and Adrian Seigis publish their new paper „Respect and the City: Resident Participation in Place Marketing“ in the Journal of Place Management and Development. …www >>

February 20th, 2012 Echo (DRadio): Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke and Dr. Tilman Eckloff give an interview on DRadio on „Respect – Schmiermittel unserer Gesellschaft“ (respect, grease of society): …www >>

February 13th, 2012 Event (Colloquium): The RespectResearchGroup invites graduates, doctoral students, and post-docs to apply for our 5th interdisciplinary colloquium, this time on the topic of „Learning respect“. It will take place from the 12th to the 15th of July in Hamburg and Gut Siggen near the Baltic Sea. See the Call for Papers here [in German] …pdf >>

February 6th, 2012 Event (PhD Defense): Matthias Graf successfully defended his PhD thesis on the influences of ideal values and counter-ideal values on the perceptions and behaviors of leaders and followers. Congratulations!

January 20th-21st, 2012 Congress in Utrecht: At the International Place Branding Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Dr. Sebastian Zenker presented parts of his research on“respect and the city“. …www >>

January 1st, 2012 Wishes:The RespectResearchGroup wishes all website visitors a Happy New Year!

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