We believe that the increasing diversity of our societies bears several opportunities. However, interacting with diverse others in complex environments is also a challenging endeavor. We therefore think that it is important to understand when and why individuals are willing to work together with diverse others and subordinate to a bigger cause, while experiencing these exchanges as fruitful and satisfying rather than burdensome.

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Definition: We developed a framework to differentiate respect from other interactional qualities, such as tolerance and acceptance.

Measurement & Scales: How can one measure respect? In an effort to operationalize different kinds of respect (in an organizational setting), we developed several quantitative measurement instruments.

Literature: Seminal papers on „, and publications from members of the RespectResearchGroup on respect.

Press clippings: An overview of press reports featuring the RespectResearchGroup.

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Quotations: A small collection of quotations about „Respect“ in various situations.

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