Scale „Respectful leadership“:

Scale description:
The scale captures the degree to which subordinates perceive that their leaders treat them respectfully. The instrument focuses on behaviors and attributes of leaders which German subordinates homogenously rated as particular important in order that they feel respected by their leaders. The scale was developed based on a content analysis of respectful leadership behavior examples

1) My leader trusts my ability to independently and self-reliantly perform well.
2) My leader expresses criticism in an objective and constructive way.
3) My leader recognizes me as a full-fledged counterpart.
4) My leader recognizes my work.
5) My leader shows a genuine interest in my opinions and assessments.
6) My leader does not try to hold me responsible for his/her own mistakes.
7) My leader unequivocally stands up for me and my work against third parties.
8) My leader treats me in a polite manner.
9) My leader provides me with any information that is relevant to me.
10) My leader takes me and my work seriously.
11) My leader interacts in an open and honest way with me.
12) My leader treats me in a fair way.

Agreement with each item is rated on a 5-point scale ranging from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much).

Psychometric qualities:
The scale showed to be one-dimensional in more than twelve studies. The Kaiser-Guttman Criterion indiacted always a one-factor solution with 60% to 70% explained variance. Cronbach’s alpha in all studies was between .85 and .95

Used in following sources:
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SusanScale „Respectful leadership“: