Support and awards

A project like this could not survive if there weren’t generous supporters and donors who support us in reaching our goals. We are deeply grateful especially to the University of Hamburg – for the ongoing provision of our work places, and the Kühne Logistics University, for providing us with support at events and our colloquiums. In addition, there are other supporters that have enabled projects and individual research – our deepest gratitude for that! Furthermore, we are especially proud on having been awarded as a landmark project in the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative in 2007 – see here and here (German only) .

We would like to thank:

Business-Ethics-Foundation Hamburg: For sponsoring two 3-year PhD scholarships and a 4-year PhD position. Moreover for  a supporting research grant and repeated support for open panel discussions. …www >>


Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation): For sponsoring four 3-year PhD scholarships including travel money and one regular university scholarship …www >>


Deutsche Bank StiftungsTrust: For the support of the project „Young teachers facing new challenges: How respect can be gained and used in todays‘ schools“ via the „Stiftung Select Zukunftsgestaltung“. … www >>


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG): For the supply of money for several conference travels. …www >>


German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): For the supply of money for several conference travels. …www >>


Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S.: For providing their seminar centre Gut Siggen twice and supporting us in our research. … www >>


Fund for Innovations in Science at the University of Hamburg: For granting for the group’s infrastructure and for an interdisciplinary colloquium.


Department for Economic and Social Science at the University of Hamburg: For granting for research …www >>
Department for Research Grants at the UHH: For the supply with fundings for research and for travel grants …www >>


Microsoft Germany: For providing the Small Business Server solution to organize the project’s workflow …www >>


IQ Medialab GmbH: For the provision with a the professional projectmanagementtool  InLoox  …www >>
GFI SoftwareFor the second consecutive year supply with mail, security and lan-Software to complete our groupware solution …www >>


j3s: For the fantastic content management system UCC for the old project’s website and an ongoing, excellent support … www >>

Bertelsmann Stiftung: For willingly and quickly sending us publications and press materials from their publishing house. …www >>

Spiegel Magazine: For a free subscription of their magazine. …www >>


BrandEins Magazine: For a free subscription of their magazine. …www >>


jansass Hamburg: For the initial programming of our website and providing us with a content management system. …www >>

Gosign Media: For a first programming of our website with a content managment system. …www >>

Department of Social Psychology of UHH: For the generous provision of rooms and infrastructure.

glaeserSupport and awards