Adrian Rothers


Adrian Rothers has been studying psychology since 2009 at the universities of Hamburg and Lisbon (Portugal). His studies were a continuous discovery, be it as student assistant in the institutes of medical psychology and systems neuroscience, in the curriculum “peacebuilding”, or as intern for Prof. Alexander Redlich, whom he assisted in conducting multi-party-mediation workshops in Chişinău (Moldova) and Odessa (Ukraine). He will be involved in the continuation of this DAAD-funded project in 2016.

For some time he is now interested in social psychology. Currently he is working on his Master’s thesis at the social psychology department of Hamburg University and in the RespectResearchGroup about gender-specific fairness evaluations of leaders in intergroup contexts.

Adrian Rothers has completed a training as a mediator at the “Arbeitsstelle für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung an der Uni Hamburg“, and he works as mediator together with his colleague Johanna Schriefer. Furthermore, he works as a psychological counselor for AStA Uni Hamburg.

Respect is not consolation for injustice; justice is an essential ingredience for respect. In this sense, my Master’s thesis deals with respect, too: gender inequalities in leadership are a persistent phenomenon. Psychological theories can help not only to name such injustice, but also understand and explain its continued existence.

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