Dipl.-Psych. Christoph Kopp

E-Mail: kopp@respectresearchgroup.org

Dipl. psych. Christoph Kopp is currently working on a research project would be referred to as: „Fundamental Rights as Institutionalized Respect in States“. He is glad to have the reliance of the RRG to work out this project.

1999 Christoph Kopp began studying Psychology at the University of Bremen. Since this time his focus is on system theories about Mind and Communication. He worked out his diploma „Autopoi Ethic – ethical implications of a theory of autopoietic systems“ by Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse. Since 2008 he is working on a research project on „time-binding effects of acts and systematically-distorting tendencies in attribution processes“. Since 2013 another topic would be referred to as: „Fundamental Rights as institutionalized Respect in States“.
In 1996 Christoph began an industrial business manager training in the company ELEKTRON-BREMEN. He worked in this company for the marketing department till 1999. After that he founded with a friend the company dk-konzept GbR focusing on programming Internet pages and data bank systems. In the year 2004 both founded the Bremer-Spezialitäten GbR. This company organizes the national distribution for four old familycompanys in Bremen. After seven years of Bremer-Spezialitäten it was time to begin something new. Since September of 2011 Christoph is designing communication processes for small familycompanys. Until the End of 2012 Christoph will often dedicate the better part of the day for his research in „time-binding effects of acts and systematically-distorting tendencies in attributionprocesses“ to end the study he started in 2008. Beside his work as a freelancer and his studies 2013 he worked out a Web App-Prototype with a test instance called: Mitfahrticket.de.
For a long time I have been fascinated from the dynamic of interpersonal relations and their meaning for the consciousness/awareness. Mutual respect, trust and the individual world view are topics which seem very important in this coherence. In everyday life we can all feel the importance of being respected and we intuitively respect others. At present, the connection between respect and trust in and between organizations in theory and in practice is of special meaning to me. The system theories of consciousness and the society are the subjects that have been of big interest to me in past years. Particularly the modern organization theories are of great importance for me. For this reason I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with his interdisciplinary group of scientists/researcher who are devoted to the conception of a theory of respect and at the same time are searching for derivation in everyday life.
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