Katharina Kraneis

E-Mail: nkraneis@gmail.com

Katharina Kraneis writes her master thesis at the department of social psychology at the University Hamburg. Her research is exploring different motivations for bilateral aid between nations.

Katharina Kraneis studies psychology (M.Sc.) at the University Hamburg (UHH). During her studies she acquired skills in different areas, starting with the biological psychology, where she finished her bachelor thesis, until the social psychology, where she is finishing her master thesis. She specialized in communication psychology. In addition to her curricular activities she took part in the Peacebuilding Curriculum at the University of Hamburg, where she deepend her knowledge in conflict resolution, reconciliation and related topics and completed a mediation training.

After finishing high school she served for one year as a volunteer in the Camphill Community Glencraig in Nord Ireland (Integration village for people with special needs). Besides her bachelor studies, Katharina worked from Januar 2011 to September 2012 as a student assistant in the biopsychology department where she did EEG-research with infants. From Januar 2013 till august 2014 she assistet in assessment centers for trainees. Further insights in practice got Katharina during her internship (08/2011 – 09/2011) at the Atriumhaus Munich (crisis and day station) and as an assistant at the intercultural mediation workshop of Prof. Dr. Redlich on the political conflict in Moldova-Transnistria
 (05/2012 -10/2012).

During her master studies she did an internship at the personal development department of Gebr. Heinemann (09/2013-03/2014) and continued to work there part time until 12/2015 on the topics Onboaring, talent management, trainee support and training. She also worked as a counselor for students at the UHH (03/2013 – 08/2015) and in the graduates counseling at the UHH (since 01/2014). Additionally Katharina worked as a tutor at the law faculty for mediation, at the psychology faculty for conflict moderation, gave a tutorial for „complex problem solving“ in a project for pupils and assisted at the social psychology department for their participation in the „Night of Science 2013“in Hamburg.

Since august 2013 Katharina is treasurer at the non-profit organisation KOMET – Konfliktmoderation, Moderation und Training – e.V. (Conflict moderation, moderation and training) and performed moderations and mediations.

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