MA. Sören Faika


Sören Faika is doing a PhD on the influence of social norms on decision making in Iran. He studied Iranian Studies, Psychology and completed the Sondercurriculum Peace Building at University of Hamburg. During his master studies, he was a research fellow at the Institute for Studies and Social Research ( in Tehran. In addition to his PhD, Sören is a consultant for DIBeratung ( on cultural and political affairs related to Iran.

Sören Faika studied Iranian Studies, Psychology and completed the Sondercurriculum Peace Building at University of Hamburg. In particular, he focused on communication and the media in Iran. In his Bachelor thesis, he verified the theory on news values using eight Iranian dailies from 2011-2012, analyzed their headlines and reconstructed their representation of foreign countries and institutions. In his Master thesis, he revised common definitions on the frequently related term ta’arof to “Iranian politeness” and gave a new description of ta’arof and politeness in Iran on the basis of the politeness theory of Richard Watts and qualitative interviews, he conducted in Iran.

In February 2017 Sören Faika joined RespectResearchGroup. In his PhD thesis, he explores the influence of social norms on decision making in Iran and focuses in particular on essential life decisions, like when someone is leaving his parents’ house, as well as decisions of daily interaction. For the thesis he uses qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys and he wants to carry out an experiment in Iran.

During his studies Sören Faika gave classes on Iran, Iranian history and the Persian language. Afterwards he lectured in the Sondercurriculum Peace Building on the “emergence, representation and influence of the media between Iran and Germany” and worked for the “Centre for Science and Peace Research” (ZNF) at the University of Hamburg.

As consultant for cultural and political affairs at DIBeratung Sören Faika lectures on Iran, advises companies and conducts study trips for Alsharq e.V ( to Iran. Additionally, he organizes a festival on contemporary Iranian art with Wundern über Tanawo e.V. (


Faika, Sören (2017). Adab va Taᶜārof dar Irān. Pažūhešhā-ye Īrānšenāsī, 6, 1, 105-124 (in Persian).

Conference Presentations:

5. Ākādemī-ye tābestānī-ye Anǧoman-e Zabānšenāsī-ye Īrān: „Taᶜārof dar Īrān“, Rasht, September 2012 (in Persian).

Deutscher Orientalistentag: „Was ist Ta’arof? Die Bedeutung von Höflichkeit im iranischen Kontext“, Münster, 2013.

Gerdhamāyī-ye Rāhnamā-ye Īrān: „Ǧahāngardī va Ǧahāngardān-e ālmānī“, Bandar-e Anzali, February 2017 (in Persian).

Invited Presentations:

Moasase-ye Motaleat va Taqiqat-e ejtemaei: „Adab va Ta’arof dar Iran“, Teheran, July 2015 (in Persian).

Deutsch-Iranische Gesellschaft: „Tourismus in Iran“, Hamburg, June 2016.

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Deutsch-Iranische Gesellschaft: „Höflichkeit und Ta’arof in Iran“, Hamburg, May 2017.

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) –  travelling fellowship 2011-2012

Travel grant of the Iranian Association of Linguists 2012

Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes – scholarship 2014-2016

Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes – research fellowship 2015.

Human interaction seems to underlie an unbelievable weak force, which, like gravity, rules and connects everything though. To follow this force, to study it and to explore its invisible omnipresence, fascinates me.

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